Friday, February 13, 2015

Paisley feathers

Check out this cool background free motion quilting filler called paisley feathers.


I did some practicing and it's really easier than it looks.


I think this may become my February prayer flag - the word flow fits this design somehow

And what better background design for a bird? This hermit thrush is almost done, just need to hand sew the binding which will be today. I have the day off and with wind chills today being -20, I see a day of quilting and a big pot of soup in order:-)



Here's a bird in a bowl (or should I say nest) ready to be born ;-)

So try the paisley feather if you've never done it - you will love it

Stay warm!


  1. Love , love, love this paisley feather and a, definitely going to try it. Thanks for the tutorial.

  2. 20 below is crazy! I love the bird and the feather FMQ. You're right, the word play is just perfect. I have actually never put those two together in that way. Brilliant.

  3. Love the paisley feather and the bird

  4. The bird looks great. I'm trying to stay warm here in Florida. It's about 60 for a high today... a bit chilly for me. :)