Friday, September 13, 2013

You've always had the power

I made this for the banned book challenge. If you want to participate, there's still lots of time! Go here to find out about it. It's really a fun challenge especially if you're a book lover.


Of course it's from The wizard of Oz by L.Frank Baum

It doesn't show up on alot of banned book lists but it has had it's share of narrow minded people wanting to block readers from the wonders and great moral lessons of this book. Go here to read more about that.

To me the whole story can be summed up in the words of Glenda the good - who I think was named after a certain basset life saver in Louisiana ( you know who you are)

Anyway, Dorothy and her crew went through this whole ordeal following that yellow brick road and fighting off flying monkeys and evil witches to try to get home when she always had the power to get home all along. Kind of like the key to happiness, the way we work to try to be richer and prettier to be happy when the key to happiness is within us to begin with.


So to make this little quilt I needed a yellow brick for the road, so I took a red brick fabric that had the right scale and just used some yellow acrylic paint mixed with water to make it yellow.


For the writing, I backed the yellow spiral piece with a heavy fusible interfacing, drew out the wording in pencil and then FMQ the writing. That way if I screwed up the writing, I could easily do over. I went over it twice to make it show up nicely.


Added some yarn single crotchet all around, then added some bling because ....... Well I have the power.

I thought as was done but looking at the photo, I realized the shoes need bows! I knew something was off.

Right now they sorta look like slut shoes - bows will make them power shoes




  1. This is a great little piece and I like the explanations for all your choices. Slut shoes? What's wrong with slut shoes? Dorothy's shoes were sparkly, but I don't remember bows.

  2. This is my all time favorite movie. I like the edge treatment, and the bling. I love your interpretation and as for the F-me pumps, well, Dorothy's were lower healed but no bows so with poetic license you can make them any way you feel powerful!I'm going to check out the book challenge. Love a book!
    LeeAnna Paylor

  3. What a great way to explain Dorothy's life path.....fantastically well done.

  4. Ohhhh this just goes to show ya - put a woman in a great pair of shoes and she can take on the world (or the wicked witch of the west!) Love this!

  5. LOOOOOOOOVE IT!!!!!! So glad you took up the challenge again this year Carol! What a stunner. Fabulous book pic too as it's the 75th anniversary of the movie.