Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dog beds

What do you do with excess gifted Christmas fabric?


Well make Christmas dog pillows of course :-)


"I'm so glad mom likes to sew"



  1. awwww, too sweet! Lucky dog indeed! :)

  2. How is summer doing? they both look like they are loving the new beds! the Smelly Bassets have to use the "old" sofa.....poor babies.

  3. You have a Collie?????? I didn't know that. We must have been separated at birth :) The kids are gorgeous!

  4. oooh lucky pets. They are so cute on the color.
    I made an actual quilt for my poodle out of scraps from another quilt, and now my dh wants to wash it every month, and it's getting old fast... I think timewise, the pillow case is a better option for cleaning.
    LeeAnna Paylor