Friday, November 29, 2013

Easy fleece neck warmer

I'm making a few of these neck warmer's today as gifts - quick and easy.



Cut a piece of fleece on the fold 23" by 17"


Pick up and fold on the 23" side - sew right sides together

Turn right side out



Find the middle and turn it inside so where my finger is (the middle ends up being the top.


Then you will pin and hem however you like. Basically you are just making a tube with two layers, right sides out inside and out. I'm sure you could figure out how to sew it so there is no hem but that's more than my feeble brain can handle at the moment. And this seems to work just fine.


Then you can just pull it over your head like a scarf


And when the wind starts blowing and it's bone chilling cold, just lift it up and cover your face.

(Or rob a bank)


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  1. I love this! We turn our temp way down at night and use lots of covers, but my neck gets cold, and I have pretty thin hair, so that's not much help. This idea would work great. Thanks!

  2. I love that neck scarf. I'm going to make some. Is it okay if I link from my blog to yours so others can make this? It's a nice, quick, little Christmas gift, don't you think? Kathie