Friday, April 25, 2014

Mud rug

It's "mud season" here in Vermont. Everything is brown with earthyness which is a nice way of saying mud and last years dead drying yellow and ecru sticks and stems. Bits of bark and moss lay strewn on the ground from the animals foraging in the trees over the winter. When walking in the woodlands this time of year I find myself looking for and reveling in any fresh green new life I see popping up from the ground. After a long winter just seeing a young sprout of green can give me a thrill.


Yesterday I picked up some of the "bits" and made a small quilt. I will use it for a mug rug inspired by the mud :-) I learned that you can not sew thru birch bark on a sewing machine, it just splits and you can sew on these bits by hand but it helps to sew a button or bead on top of the fragile bark moss bits helping to hold it together better.

If you made a small quilt of the colors of your day (and you should do just that) what colors would it be?


  1. well, we have a blue sky, gray-blue because it's rarely really clear here, and a pervasive smell of smoke today. I'd have to make one with little violets, dying tulips, emerging dandelions, and a sheer to represent the smoke.
    LeeAnna Paylor

  2. bright and sunny in Houston... and soon to be very hot!

  3. Everything here is bright green with new Spring growth and in my woodsy yard there are lots of birds. So I'd include surprises of red, blue, and gray.

  4. The bark is wonderful, today would be hot pink azaleas and purple foxglove reaching for the sky, with lots of bright green moss