Friday, April 18, 2014

Windy Sky FMQ

I love the sky.

The sky is the window to the rest of the universe.

So when making a quilted fabric landscape the sky may be my favorite part and I want to share how I've been doing the quilting on my skies lately.

It makes for a windy sky look



My quilting is not and never will be perfect or symmetrical but what windy sky is?


The thread should have been matched to the background sky alittle better on this one but it does make a statement :-) a turbulent stormy sky in Kansas?


Basically I am doing two of Leah Days designs here - the swirly Posiedans eye


And fill in with McTavishing
Practice, practice - and remember, nature is not perfect and all the same nor should your quilting.

Practice on paper first before you go on the machine.

Relax and have fun with it - I promise you, once you get this down it becomes addicting and you will be quilting windy skies on everything!



  1. Excellent choice of FMQ motifs to create a windy, even turbulent sky.

  2. I love your quilting and your skies look great!

  3. It does indeed capture the idea of a windy sky. Good choice.