Friday, July 11, 2014

Picnic for one

Not a lot of finishes this week but things in the works


I did finish my "summer picnic" postcard for my postcard swap friend.

It isn't easy to make feet this small but wanted to try and now I know not to try it again :-)

The sky has batting clouds and the yellow is supposed to be a glass of wine.


I had these charm squares just needing to be used so I sewed them into 9 patches and then cut them apart disapearing 9 patch style. Cut that in half and made two mug rugs.


This one still needs binding. Good FMQ practice. See the word listen? I'm keeping that one for my desk at work as I need to remind myself to listen more.


Yesterday I took a drive over the lake of shining waters (I've been listening to Anne of Green Gables on audiobook) to see my parents at their home in the Adirondacks.


My mother is hand quilting her hand appliqued Dear Jane quilt. Can you imagine?

It's beautiful and has an antique look to it.


We sat by the brook next to their house and sewed and talked. So nice :-)

Hope you are having a good summer - it goes so fast. Get out there and enjoy it!



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  1. Beautiful! Thanks for the reminding me again of the idea of using mug rugs to practice FMQ. Small and manageable!