Friday, July 18, 2014

Mountain warrior pose


If I practiced yoga I would like to stand on top of a mountain at sunrise and do the warrior pose like this. I would feel powerful and peaceful all at the same time. But alas I don't practice yoga so I made this quilt.

That's a part of a necklace bead up on the sky pretending to be a moon.


I love all these bits of yarn fibers (bushes)


I also finished another kayak quilt. This one I tried making the closer water darker with a different fabric. It didn't blend quilte the way I thought it should so I took a light blue fabric pastel and lightened the dark blue abit to try to make the transition from dark to light alittle less in your face. It did help.


This is the inspiration photo

I probablly shouldn't show this because the toes got sort of warped or something during the quilting. I'm using black thread and FMQ around the toes and it seems to distort things. I wonder if I should just draw the little piggies in black pigma pen and then quilt with monofilament to quilt it down?

What would you do?



  1. I think drawing them with pigma pen is a good idea. Love the yoga quilt!

  2. First of all, toes are usually knarly. Second, those bushes around the warrior pose are terrific! LeeAnna Paylor not afraid of color