Thursday, August 14, 2014

FMQ play - 20 minutes

I've been getting my quilts ready for the fair today - listing labeling - very boring.

I needed a play break so decided to try quilting what looks to me like a mum that originally caught my eye on Facebook and I apologize to the maker of it for not getting her name.

This is her quilt

Isn't it wonderful? Granted my little 20 minute job isn't this great but this inspired me.


The other day I drew this out to see how it goes.

So I cut a little square of fabric and layered batting and backing. I figure I can add some borders and make a mug rug or something. The end isn't important here it's can I do this?


Start with that middle 5 petal thing, then travel up to the middle top petal of one of them (see the top middle arrow) then simply go around, bouncing off the middle of each petal.



I then went over it again and added little vein things in the petals. This literally took me 20 minutes tops.

Update this morning - here is the mug rug! Another one for the fair :-)

(The mug rug part takes more than 20 minutes, at least in my world)


What fun!

Take 20 minutes today and try it;-)




  1. The veins in the petals make a huge difference--I really like that a lot!

    1. Thanks- try it . It's surprisingly easy at least on a small scale .

  2. What a neat idea - thank you for sharing

  3. Love the addition of the veins too - I agree that make a huge difference!

  4. Fantastic!!! I love the way you showed the different steps.