Friday, August 8, 2014

Soothe your Soul


I'm almost done with "soothe your soul" there is nothing better than talking a walk and seeing and breathing nature. It soothes my soul. I've seen more and more of these little cairnes or rock sculptures popping up everywhere. Seeing them soothes my soul. So thus the name.


The rocks I made by cutting out rock like pieces of peltex, layered batting for puff and then cut the batik fabric a half inch or so bigger. Ran a gathering running stitch around the outside edge and pull or gather to enclose. They are then appliquéd to the background.


Bits of hand dyed wool roving are stuck in here and there as well as little pieces of found driftwood after drilling a couple of holes to tack them down.


The background fabric was perfect as is so I just painted on a moon and reflection. The words caused me some problems though. First I printed them out. My plan was to mod podge them onto the base stretched canvas. But I just didn't look right. I thought white on the dark purple/black background would look better. But how to do that? I have no white markers or sharpies. Do they even make white sharpies? My brainstorm came up with a whiteout pen.


This is my practice paper and it's a good thing I practiced first. The white out pen was hard to control the flow of white out (paint) it came thick then turned thin or stopped in the middle of writing. So I shelved that and tried a silver paint marker I had but that was to thick. These words have to be pretty small.

So I wound up using a felt tip blender pen and dipped in some white acrylic paint that had half dried up so it was fairly thick put still usable. I first used a black, magenta and periwinkle marker on the paper for background and wrote the words on the paper. Then cut it out and mod podged it on the canvas. It works but would be better to have used something to write directly onto the canvas.

Does anyone have any experience or ideas on how to do writing in white on a dark background?

Thank you ;-)



  1. yes, I bought a white pen for fabric but now can't find it or remember the name. They are around tho, so look for them. Scrap booking dept's have lots of items with archival ink too. My friend used tsuhieko ink on one of those sharp pen like sponge things. LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  2. I've never done white writing on a dark background, except with thread (i.e. FMQ or embroidery). I really really love the intense colors and texture of the roving though. They really complement the piece!

  3. Soothing and calm, the colors are so rich, I really like the moon's reflection. Beautiful

  4. Great solution to the lettering challenge...and perfect for the piece. Lovely!