Friday, April 24, 2015


My friend Glen in Louisianna sent me this video about Lutradur and since. Don't know anything about using it, found the video excellent help. I've heard a lot of people talk about using and loving lutradur so since I have a big stash of it I thought I would dive in. For some reason the video doubled so I apologize for the double - they are both the same and for some reason bloggy won't let me get rid of one so I'm just leaving them both. You should watch one though, very informative and inspirational if you ever have thoughts of trying lutradur.


I traced a bird in pencil then went over the pencil with black free motion quilting.

After watching the video and as I went on I learned that I should have painted the background first.

Played with some inktense pencils - they worked pretty well


This little guy needed a place to sit so looking at this photo I took last week for guidance I drew in a birch branch or log. First drawing in pencil. I used white paint to color in the log and the chest of the bird. Then used a black sharpie for the log accents.

Paint works really well on this stuff. Since I didn't paint the background first I had to use markers to do the background next to the bird since I thought the paint might run into the bird parts. The paint markers worked but since there is rubbing involved some of the fibers came undone alittle. Not to bad, sort of like shedding but I quickly moved back to the paints for the background.

Last but not least I used a lighter and carefully burned the edges. Gives it a rustic look.

It was then put on black felt and quilted. It feels like it needs more thickness or cushioning as the quilting didn't give much texture. But now what to do with it? Do I stretch it on a canvas! Face it! Bind it? Glue it on a board? Frame it?

I'm linking up with Nina's off the wall snd am hoping to get feedback from those that have used lutradur. Would you suggest using batting under the felt? My felt maybe to thin to get good texture - it ended up being flat and boring. Any tips or tricks?

I see a lot of possibilities here :-)

How have you used lutradur ?



  1. This is so fun! your bird looks lovely and springy. I've never used lutradur so I can't help on the assembly front, but I use evolon a lot (I think it's similar, maybe a bit more opaque) and love painting it and then using it for applique since it doesn't fray. Good luck with the finishing!

  2. Some in my fiber group use a heavy felt. They hunt the Army Surplus shops to get those wool blankets and use that as backing like you have.

    Sommetimes they use, oh, what is the name of that heavy thick stabilzer? Ohhhhh.......darn........I will come up with it in a minute! Judy uses it a lot between her fabric layers.