Friday, April 17, 2015

WIP 4/17

I've been making a lot of mini quilts with cairnes from the pattern I put together
(For sale on Craftsy here in case anyone is interested) and I've found that once the rocks are fused into one piece I can audition different backgrounds and what a difference a background makes!
Both of the above are the same cairn just different backgrounds!

I'm also experimenting with something new. I work in a hotel and they take the stuff off the bottom of the new beds box springs off. It's clean and like new! They were going to throw it out but I felt it and it looks a lot like the lutradur that a lot of artists use. So I put 2 pieces together to see how it stitches just by itself. Traced a bird and stitched with dark thread - seemed to work nicely. I then colored with inktense pencils and wet with hair gel.

Hard to tell from this pic but I out up to a window and you can see thru the non painted parts - cool!

I have much more to try with this stuff and will keep you posted.

I also started a new off the edge quilt. Here is the outline done. Need to do an all over quilting in white and then color in. I will trrrrrrrrryyyyyy to leave it fainter on the colors this time.

Spring has finally sprung here in Vermont so we are enjoying being able to go out without bundling up.


Happy tails!

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  1. so much in this post. First of all, a true crafter scrabbling for materials! And they worked. The cairns tried out on backgrounds was fun and omdog your pup is precious. I heard about some kind of doggie flu headed east from CA so look out. Spreads quickly with nose to nose contact. LeeAnna

  2. Hey Summer! The stuff on the bottom of the mattresses ARE the same as lutrador! We still laugh at Michael, dressed all in black, stealing the stuff off the bottom of the furniture they put out on the curb when someone doesn't pay their apartment rent!

    I can't believe the cairn is the same! It looks so different on the backgrounds! Just goes to show!

  3. Rock cairns! My favorite theme. They can have so many different meanings.