Thursday, July 30, 2015

American Kestrel

This quilt was inspired by a piece on the local news. They showed an American Kestrel - the smallest falcon and oh so cute. It's head can stay focused on something while it's body can turn and move. It sort of reminded me of a bobble head.

Here is my version of the American Kestrel falcon.


I found while making it that it really helped to make my design on paper but then make a overlay on tracing paper so I could get all the little pieces in the right place. This guys eyes are a main feature and putting an eye to much to the left or right will totally make it look off.

The sound it makes is sort of a Klee - Klee sound.

Next I am going to work on a hummingbird. They are around a lot right now here in Vermont with all the flowers in full bloom and it is a gift to see one.

What's your favorite bird?


  1. this is incredibly beautiful! Your best piece yet! That is interesting putting the Kestrel's call in the quilting.

    I love hummers. We have a few around here since we are on the edge of their flight path.

  2. Beautifully done!
    Here in UK we don't have hummingbirds, but there is a moth, the hawkmoth, that hovers near plants just like a hummingbird and is about the same size.