Friday, July 3, 2015

Spider web quilting


I finished the spider web quilt that I talked about here.

It's small, about 12" square. I don't imagine one would want a wall full of spider web.

It's kinda wierd but I like it :-)

After the melted sheer I single crocheted a few different eerie looking yarns and attached them all before adding the binding. The dead things in the web waiting to be eaten are another chunk of yarn and part of a piece of cotton that my mom picked off a cotton plant in Georgia.


The spider is a covered button with a bit of batting on it.


The kind of button that has a shank thingy like this. After covering I used some floral wire to be the legs and also to attach a smaller button for the head. My grandmothers button box came in handy. I'll bet wherever she is she is loving the fact her buttons are now "spider art".

She would be proud ;-)

I thought the legs were to skinny and not creepy enough so wound some yarn around them. Now it's a hairy legged spider - Bwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaahhhhhaaaahhaaaa!

And last but not least I went to the Vermont Quilt Festival last week - awesome quilts. Some were truly jaw dropping. I posted a bunch on Instagram and twitter if you want to see some. You can follow me on Instagram by clicking the button here on the blog to your right. On twitter I am @quiltscapes.


Of course the vendors are big part of the show. Here's my haul.

Those bags are batik scraps - 3 bucks a bag and each has about 3/4 yd of scraps. Perfect for what I do.

A free motion couching foot which I haven't tried yet and Mylar for sparkly quilting. Have to experiment with that as well, so stay tuned for reports on both.

Has anyone else used Mylar in quilting?








  1. I do a lot of experimenting and did something similar to this on a larger scale. I love your spider. Very imaginative.

  2. You created a really interesting piece.

  3. You know I love that spider web. And now the spider is even better!

  4. Thank you for sharing your process of how to create a sculpted spider. Love the mixed media you have incorporated throughout the piece.

  5. Very cool and scary looking spider and an allover interesting piece.

  6. After living in North Carolina for 10 years I think I finally got over my fear of spiders,down there they are HUGE and everywhere, yuck!