Friday, August 14, 2015

Stream painting - web streamlining

Nothing finished this week


To busy enjoying this


And this

I do have something in progress though. I tried to add white paint to make the stream look like it is running fast and foaming over the rocks. Looks good here when the paint it's wet.


But once dry - it fades a lot so I suppose I should add more. Should I quilt the water? If so do I use white or blue thread? Before or after I add more paint?


The other thing I'm stewing about is this I made a few weeks ago. I feel it needs something more but can't figure out what.


I am jazzing up the branches by couching on some mossy looking yarn but what after that?

What would you do?


I think I'll sleep on it




  1. Ohhhh! I like the moss on your tree! Maybe some of those crystals on the web too. Or some shiny threads overlaid on some strands. It is so beautiful.

    The stream looks beautiful. You are always so creative. I would quilt the water, but subtly. With maybe some white thread indicating some foamy areas. But not all white. It would be overpowering.

  2. Oh....and what about adding an area on your web where the spider has caught and wrapped some poor moth?

  3. They look fabulous! And yes, too bad the white paint fades as it dries. I would use white thread for the waterfall effect, and you could use splish-y pattern where it hits the water. See how that turns out, then apply paint if you think it's not enough. The branches look great with the moss yarn! Do you want to put some crystals for stars in the sky? Or if not I'd just leave it the way it is.

  4. What about trying some cheesecloth for your foamy water?

  5. I agree with Laura that some cheesecloth may work for the water. Or else, you could try Shiva paintstiks instead of regular paint for the water if you don't want to add texture. For the spider web, I would add a spider. Both pieces are very nice.