Friday, August 28, 2015

Stream / lake Champlain

All UFO's needed to be finished this week so I valued bring as many items to the fair to sell.


More paint was added to the stream and then quilted with white thread in the white parts of the water. It's about 11" square so I mounted on a painted 12" canvas.

Doesn't the sound of water soothe your soul? It does mine.


This has been in the drawer for over a year. It's very small and only had the lake but I added a cairn and once mounted on black canvas it really pops and shows off the beautiful colors. And added one of my favorite quotes by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Speaking of lake Champlain I am leaving today for a camping / family reunion on the lake at Ausable Point. My favorite place to go on the lake over on the New York side near Plattsburg and the weather is supposed to be sunny, high 70's low 80's. Can't get much better than that !

Have a wonderful week :-)


  1. they are both wonderful! You created that water perfectly. And th quilting is totally on the mark!

  2. these are awesome. I just love the water quilting. LeeAnna