Saturday, April 2, 2016

Beach photos

Not much quilting done this week as I just got back from a glorious vacation in Old Orchard beach Maine.

The season doesn't start for a few months so the place is deserted - 7 miles of sandy beach all to my self!


It was alittle cold but worth wearing a jacket to see this


And this


I was out at sunrise every morning to see this


My dogs loved it too


We walked and walked and walked some more


I did bring stuff to create some fabric art though. Here's my "hotel studio"

More on that next week


I need to rest right now



  1. How breathtaking! So did you build a pile of rocks on the beach?

  2. wowser, that is an amazing sun rise! what a wonderful vacation spot. Your pups look happily exhausted

  3. You are mighty brave....two dogs on a white comforter.....they look soooo very happy!

  4. Lovely Vacation! I'm glad you shared:)