Thursday, April 21, 2016

Fabric baskets

I've been really enjoying making these fabric baskets that I saw Alex Anderson make on one of the quilt shows (the week end it was free). They are quick, you get to play with fabric and practice free motion quilting plus there is couch time hand sewing on the buttons.

What's not to love?


You use two colors that play well together.



Make them big


Make them small


You can even make one to hang on the wall!

Think I like this one the best of them all!

The next one I make I will take some photos and show you how to make them.

Stay tuned!


  1. Channeling Dr. Seuss, I see! Love those baskets. I agree, I love the eggy one!

  2. I love these little baskets. Your choice of fabrics and the quilting and the buttons are terrific!

  3. adorable! I like the bear... he's my totem.

  4. baskets are so useful and yours look like they were fun to make!

  5. Super idea for button collection. Fun Quilting too:-)