Friday, September 9, 2016

Beach sand


I took this photo while walking on the beach at ausable point on lake Champlain a few weeks ago.

Love the colors and feel so had to try to make a quilt.


I sketched it out on the shiny side of freezer paper. Using a sketch and wash pencil. This kind of pencil can be used to draw on just about anything and sketching on the shiny side saved me a step of doing it on paper then tracing to the freezer paper.



Used the freezer paper as my pattern for applique pieces, clipping corners and folding under. That one piece was bigger than my fabric so had to piece it in two parts. I'm hoping it will blend in enough not to notice.


The pinkish piece above is #1 which is the water and I tried to break it up with some light blue tule. Not sure if I like it or not but worth a shot.

Since I wanted to add paint I wanted to sew together all the pieces before adding batting and back so sewed a straight line on the turned under edges. This was not the way to go. I should have used a buttonhole stitch or some sort of zig zag. If I were to do this again I would probablly try to piece it since the curves are not severe. It would look so much better. Note to self ;-)


Bouncing on some white paint with an old paint brush helps a lot. I like it. Also brushed on some sandy looking paint.


That's as far as I've gotten as of this morning so will hopefully show you the finish next week.

BTW - the road home row along starts this week. A whole bunch of bloggers are designing a quilt row each having something to do with where they live. There are people from all over the US and the world so should be interesting. There are also giveaways so check it out. It started this week and goes all month. I am participating and my day is Sept 29th.




  1. You've captured that sea foam perfectly with the pounced on paint.

  2. lovely, can almost taste the salt in the air...great choices and techniques.