Friday, September 2, 2016

Peg loom weaving

I saw a guy selling peg looms at the quilt festival and if it involves fabric, of course I want to try it. My father is a very good woodworker so instead of buying one, I gave him the plans and my most loving daughterly smile and he made me one.

This is how it works


The loom is basically a block of wood with pegs that are inserted in drilled holes that can be taken out and put back in easily.

Each peg has a hole. You take a length of twine or string and thread it through, tying the two ends together at the bottom.



You can use fabric or wool and being a quilter have lots of extra fabric to use up. I tore some yardage into strips. It would be a lot neater if it was cut but I didn't want to take the time wanted a more rustic look. You probably should sew all the strips together to make one long strip all nice and neat but again I was lazy wanted that rustic rag look.


You tie one end like this.



And then start weaving thru the pegs


Once you fill the pegs you lift each peg out of the hole, letting the weaved part drop down and put the peg back in the hole. The strings hold the whole thing together.


Then you just start weaving again. And keep going until the strings are full or you get as big as you want it.

This is as far as I've gotten as of this morning. I ran out of the blue strips so started some white. Let's see how the two toned look is :-) it's a bit of a mess right now but I will trim the strings when it's done and will have the finished rag rug for you next week. Still learning how this thing works. I want to experiment with different fabrics too. I wonder how fleece would be? Flannel?

Hmmmmmmm ;-)



  1. Thanks for this post, looks very interesting!

  2. So glad I dropped by. I'd never seen a peg loom before. Not that different from one of my favorite toys as a child, called a Knitting Nancy. If you aren't familiar with the name watching the first minute or so of this video is better than me trying to explain it.

  3. Hey......this is really neat.......looks like a lot of fun too!

  4. I've seen someone make a beautiful scarf on one of these looms using hand spun yarn and random pieces of merino roving. I wanted to buy one but too expensive, wish I had someone to make one for me. Looks like fun.

  5. oh how interesting
    There are so many ways to weave
    lucky you to have a daddy who loves you

  6. I have never seen this before! If I still had fabric i would try it! LOL. (whine)

  7. Oh my Gosh, this looks so fun! And I never heard of peg loom before. Thanks for new crafty adventure:-)