Friday, August 26, 2016

Keep it simple

I admire graphic artists.

They get a message across in the simplest most effective way. It's hard to do simple. It's human nature to keep wanting to add more and then more and when do you stop? It's the stopping I have trouble with.

I was wasting spending time researching graphic design on the Internet and came across this perfect example of how just a few lines and some color can be effective. You know this is a bike and it doesn't clog up your mind with lots of details. Which is why these type of designs are used for ads. You know it's a bike so if you are interested in anything related to bikes, you will stop to read the ad and having that unclogged mind will absorb the words on the ad and maybe go do what ever it is the ad is trying to get you to do.

Maybe that's the appeal of modern quilts. They are graphic and simple. Hmmmm.

Maybe I should revisit the whole modern quilting thing.

More mindless serious internet searching?

I'm leaving today for our the Hathaway annual gathering known as hagfest in beautiful ausable point NY.

We camp so can bring the dogs and it's right on the shore of lake Champlain.


I'm bring these little beach scenes to bind and add lots of embellishments because we all know I just can't keep it simple :-)

Have a great week end!



  1. I don't know when to stop either! As a younger person, I loved all things Victorian and elaborately, lavishly decorated. I was never a fan of Mission style, the plain and simple lines. So much has changed for me over the years. I love the peaceful calm of a simple design and find myself drawn to them more and more. I never thought I'd be a modern quilter, but maybe there's hope? Thanks for the thought provoking post!