Friday, August 19, 2016

Vermont seasons finish


I finally finished this quilt made for the road home row along in September. I will have this as a free pattern here on my blog on September 29th. Click on the road home row along logo on the right for more info. There will be giveaways as well.

My pattern could be done as a row or you could make just one for a small art quilt or do 4 small ones, each in a different season. More on this when my day comes up on September 29th.



On a sadder note, my friend and fellow quilter Glen of quilts and dogs blog lives in Baton Rouge LA and had almost 4 feet of stank water in her house. She and the dogs and husband are ok but had to be rescued by boat. She is back at her home now but can't live in it.


This is her sewing room when she got back in her house. How horrific is that? I can't begin to imagine how devastating it is to have all your stuff be ruined and now the clean up has to be very daunting. She has the best sense of humor and self than anyone I know so she will get thru it but it can't be easy.

Please visit her blog here and give her some comments of support.

She runs an animal rescue there and she says they really need help right now due to a lot of displaced animals being found. Please go to and give anything you can. If you can only do $5.00 it will make world of difference.



  1. Your vermont seasons quilt is awesome. Colors, quilting-all good.
    For some reason, Louisiana is not getting the publicity for their devastation that they ought to be getting. This flood is on a par with Sandy and close to Katrina. I will email encouragement to your friend.

  2. OMG - soooooo glad you said something about Glen - love her and will pray!! Your Vermont quilt came out great!