Friday, August 12, 2016

Beach vacation mini quilt

Small but mighty at only 7"x10"

First I started with the "beach stick" and decided on the size from there.

(It's all about the stick, after all)


I get to use some of the junk interesting objects I have been collecting.


These shells were a bracelet at one time, in another life.


These sailboats started out being white fused fabric but when quilting them down, being so small they just shredded so I just sewed over with white thread. They looked a bit raggy so then used white out (since I had no white paint) and brushed some on to fill in. Now they stand out much better.


Also making more fabric baskets to sell at the fair at the end of the month. Cows with grass lining - how cute is that!

And for the musician.

I'm now off to walk and swim. It's already 82 degrees at 7am and this Vermonter is not liking the heat.

I'll be under the trees or in the pond if you're looking for me today.

Be cool!


  1. Cute little beach quilt.....makes me want to jump right in. it's horribly hot and humid here in CT, too.

  2. What a charming little quilt….and your hanging device is so clever!

  3. Ah, yes, sea, sand and sun, cool quilt!