Tuesday, October 11, 2016

good morning glory!

Alida over at tweety loves quilting is having a blog hop this week where each blogger takes inspiration from some other work of art. It can be painting, sculpture, writing - whatever inspires or is admired. Go to her blog here for a list of all the other blogs and check them out. All so unique and oh so cool! Here is mine :

Good Morning Glory! 

My inspiration or "muse" is the fabulous Georgia O'Keeffe who among other styles is famous for her flower paintings that some say are ....... um, well let's say sexual in nature. She never  acknowledged this but then paintings are best left to the eye of the beholder and if said beholder sees vaginas and penises then that's up to them. I didn't try to recreate the suggestion of vaginas and penises though since obsessing over trying to make my flower sexual would probablly make me a little crazy so I went for the  close up factor and the lines of her work.

 Liking the white flowers she painted, a photo was taken of a morning glory in my backyard, then I cropped it to where there is just the white flower itself in close up.

  After tracing the lines from the printed out photo, reversing it and making my "map" I drew on freezer paper and made the flowing lines of the flower using as many shades of white that I could find.

I then colored in the yellowish part but decided that the yellow was to yellow and that white gray that was supposed to be shadow was to gray. But it was alread in there and I couldn't take it out so what to do?

Why just color over it of course!

white pastel oil crayons were used to lighten up both the yellow and the gray.

I wanted the stamens to stand out more so tried some pearl fabric paint - ok but a bit to shiny for my taste.

Also in the yellow part i shoose a light colored dull yellow and quilted close lines - that toned it down alot and made the stamens show up more.
You can see the difference here after whitening up the gray.

So don't forget to check out the talented quilters making art from fabric - you can click on the button on the top right of the sidebar to take you to the list.


  1. Beautiful flower quilt. Your stitching is wonderful

  2. Oh Wow!! I loved it before I knew what it was!! You nailed it.
    It's a gorgeous piece.

  3. So wonderful! We must be secret twins because I also chose Georgia O"Keefe as my muse for the hop. The white on white was especially hard to render I bet, but you did a beautiful job. Adding the color to tone things down worked so well! Great job.

  4. oh nice job! Great interpretation of Georgia O'Keefe. LeeAnna

  5. This is a fabulous interpretation! I love how you incorporated oil pastels and fabric paint into your piece. It's lovely!

  6. I really love the center! The entire piece is a perfect representation of a gorgeous morning glory! Perfectly executed!

  7. Wonderful interpretation of Georgia O'Keefe! I love the way you cropped your photo and designed your piece.

  8. This is one of the best pieces I have ever seen! A definite winner. Now I know ypwhy you were so hot and bothered! LOL

  9. Hi Carol, I really like your piece. It's great to be able to work with other medium to make changes, like crayons or paint. Well done!

  10. Really beautiful interpretation! I think adding the pop of yellow really took the piece to life. Great job with the texture too!! Thanks for sharing your talent in the blog hop!!