Friday, May 26, 2017

Camels hump fabric landscape

There is an iconic mountain in our area that looks like a camels hump.

And here is the fabric version

Love those batiks!

I'm making a pattern to sell of this so will be making a few more to get the kinks out.

What I would do differently on this one is about color choices.

This my original layout before sewing.

I thought the camels hump blended to much in the background although a couple people on Instagram commented that they liked it better that way - more realistic, giving you a surprise looking closer so something to think about for future landscapes.


Sorry for the sideways photo but you can see where I stuck a moon color behind the mountain to get an idea of the look and I liked it so went with it.


The other thing and I didn't realize until it was sewn so I left it but there should be more contrast between the road and the hills next to it. The bottom one is fine and even the faraway brownish one but that dark green in the middle road should be lighter. Not the end of the world but I'll take note for next time and put a note in my pattern. That's why I like to make a few of these before publishing any pattern. I think this would be a good basic beginner pattern to learn the technique and people can alter it for any mountain in their area. So stay tuned for more camels hump landscapes. This allows me to play with my beautiful batiks.

My favorite part is going thru my stash auditioning each color and petting my fabric.

How big is your stash? In my opinion one can never have to much but variety instead of quanity is the key.






  1. how big is the ocean???
    I knew your work on Nina Marie's party from a glance!

  2. I love your landscapes. Unfortunately most of my fabrics are novelty. I need to add more batiks and other fabrics to use to create a landscape. I know I will use your techniques some time in the future. I see beaches, lol.
    xx, CCarol

  3. It just got bigger due to a painting session i had this week!
    I love landscapes, love batiks, love the words that told of your process on this one!
    Happy making days to you! sonja

  4. Lovely landscape, especially with the moon.