Friday, May 5, 2017


I am stick obsessed.

I walk in the woods a lot and see so many beautiful sticks and I just have to take them home.

I have them in baskets.

I have them on the fireplace mantel.


I have them on the floor.


I have them on the ceiling.


I hang bird fabric art on them.


Just look at that lovely lichen on this one.

What do you like to collect and what do you do with them?


  1. Ok I don't feel so bad about the stick I saved now. It was from a tree st my parents house. I always loved visiting with that tree when I visited them.

  2. Why just this morning i played with avocado stems saved. ( i use them to make legs for funky holiday angels). Then with a dried seed pod from a Pink Tacoma tree found yesterday and 2 avo stems, i fashioned a peace sign: a college of nature's gifts and where they triggered my imagination to go. So yes, i am a collect of twigs and sticks and feathers and rocks and some of them are stored in baskets i have woven or collected....Ain't nature grand!!

  3. I can't say I collect them, but I do use the Pompas grass plumes for various crafts and put vases of them around both inside and out. I love how you use twigs for hanging art.
    xx, Carol

  4. Ha, you and me both. I have four sticks in a mason jar in my studio, each beautifully carved with the work of pine borers, and stained and then rubbed to make the etched lines show up well. I've been a stick collector since about age 12. At least they're slender. Imagine what we could amass if we had easy access to driftwood!