Friday, November 17, 2017

Heat set and WIP

Nothing finished this week except a set of curtains for my bedroom that I won’t bore you with. 

I’m working on a goat. It’s almost done but I will keep you in suspense until next week 😆

Started another landscape, same pattern as the last couple. This time in November like colors. I always pick the sky and water first cause skies are the impact. I love this fabric combo.

And I tested acrylic paint mixed with textile medium to see if it really does set it enough to wash. The left is washed and it seems to actually work! It was put in with a regular load of clothes on a normal cycle. Air dried. I don’t have an agitator as I imagine that might rub it to much but this worked great! 

 Next week is thanksgiving already! Have a happy and healthy thanksgiving everyone - we are blessed to be where we are what ever circumstances that may be.


  1. LOL.....I guess you never have spilled acrylic paint on your clothes then. Even though they say water soluable, they are pretty permanent when accidentally spilled on your shirt Ask e how i know that. Oh, so it gorilla glue. Yep.

    Love that landscape. You are right, the colors are so deep and beautiful. great choice to put them together.

  2. i also love sea and sky colors, and all the colors they can be!
    Your lastest sea/air/landscape is wonderful and clear!