Friday, November 10, 2017

Leaf printing

I’ve been playing with ferns, leaves and paint. See the video from the slightly mad quilt lady on last weeks post to see how. Don’t forget to use the paper over the painted leaf like I did in the lower pics. Paint went where it shouldn’t have, thus the futile attempts to wipe it off (lower right)
They got better as I went along learning not to put to much paint on so it doesn’t glob, adding some aloe gel to my paint mix to soften the look a bit and using a sponge craft brush instead of the roller. 

Now Glen, of quilts and dogs fame has been doing the printing too and she not only did some beautiful prints, she whipped up a journal cover using the prints in no time flat. I don’t know how she gets so much done. She has been on fire lately, finishing quilt after quilt. My hero! 

So not to be outdone, I quilted this one up with white thread in the leaf veins and a basic meander on the background.

And made a sketchbook cover. The two I tried were to small but this one I quilted first, measured later and it fits perfectly!

Here’s the back                                                                            And the inside.

I love how it came out. ❤️❤️❤️  


  1. I'm having fun studying your leaf prints. What really grabs my eye first is the high contrast - something I am always drawn to. Second is the positioning. I find the asymmetry you achieved captivating.

  2. Your leaf prints are lovely and remind me of lace or snowflakes, perhaps floating on air, such delicate good work. When i make a cover that is too small or tight to fit well, i usually make a "booklet" of parchment or printer paper and sew it inside a cover of card stock, custom made.

  3. love the fabric colors you used. you need to do a whole quilt or a whole hanging with those colors and the white leaf prints. Love the white leaf prints.