Friday, February 16, 2018

Mindless sewing

Not feeling particularly creative this week probably due to the February blues. This part of winter is the worse part for me. No real snow but rainy mushy icy crap and everything is ice and mud. But sewing does make me happy .

So I took some scraps. Threw them in a pile and just sewed together at random. Then quilted it. Not a very good job but remember this is mindless feel good sewing. Binding? No, to much work so it got the pillowcase treatment. (This project is only about 11”x 7”) turn it inside out. Now what? 
Well it could be a large mug rug or a clutch bag type of thing. I can always use another tote organizer.

Sewed up the sides after adding strips of Velcro. In true mindless sewing style, the Velcro is crooked and the sides are uneven. The sides are so thick because I used flannel I couldn’t go to the top end as you can see on the top photo but it will work.

Ta-da! Not that bad and it feels good with the quilted flannel.
And yes, it made me feel good to make something quilty.

I have started a new project here but it will involve writing with free motion so I have to have my wits about me. 
Hopefully I will show you progress next week. If I screw up the writing I’ll show you that too. I do know from experience to write out the words to look at while quilting even if they are simple words. Something about writing with free motion my brain doesn’t associate it as writing.

Do you get the winter blues? How do you combat it?


  1. ah yes... sewing therapy. Mud and ice. We have rocks and ice. The gravel travels into the ice, then as it melts it adds a degree of difficulty in walking. I hate ice. Now if we lived in the same area, we could have a cup of tea and make each other laugh and maybe even do some ice dying. I figure if I try that here, with an upstairs laundry, I'll drip dye all over the rental's carpet.

  2. Frank gets SAD, or at least he thinks he does, when the sun doesn't shine for a few days. He appears no different to me though. He watches some of the old shows on the higher number channels and laughs. He likes the old slapstick humor. I think it is why did we get married again?

  3. It looks like a great little clutch bag that you made from your mindless sewing. Spring is coming......