Thursday, February 1, 2018

WIP downy woodpecker

Nothing finished this week but I am in the quilting stages of this Downy woodpecker.

They have pronounced black and white speckled feathers on their backs. To make that I took a black fabric and pounced white pearl fabric paint on it.

I walked by this yesterday. It looks like a rusty waterfall but it’s ice. The iron in the rocks must get mixed with it.
My friend Glen loves to take rusty things and use it for surface design on her fabric. I can see her running to the top of this impressive sight and attaching fabric at the top, having it cascade down and leaving it until spring. How cool would that be!  

Stay tuned next week for the finished woodpecker 🤗


  1. OMG!!! Yes! I would be right up there on top! I have never seen anything like this. This is gorgeous.

    Did you get your box?

  2. Love your woodpecker and the feathers look perfect!

  3. Your fabric choices are spot on! I remarked at the feathers, too, but the background also. I imagine you are really excited to start the quilting now!

    Rusty falls: Yes, wouldn't that be an interesting idea to weather fabric there? I wonder what would happen. Any rust seems to add a bit of organic feeling to a piece for me. There was some in my flowers near the edges from a rusted screen/grill, and I loved it. This post is subtle, but very inspiring. Thank you for the push here.