Friday, January 26, 2018

Yellow lab quilt

I’ve been working on him for awhile and I think he’s done. I’d like to say he is my dog but honestly I just licked his beautiful face at random from a public domain photo sharing site. Let me show you some photos of the journey.
 From drawn pattern to fabric. Mostly freezer paper appliqué.

Quilted on a nice lush green background which is something we are lacking here in the northeast right now.

Shaded with fabric pastels. After this you can see from the finished photo that I ended up making the eyes blacker. These eyes looked more human than dog and also darkened up the edge of the ears so you can see them. All in all I think it came out pretty good! 
I may try another in black but might try all fusible to see if there is much difference. Do you prefer fusible or turned under applique?


  1. Absolutely adorable. Yellow labs will always have a soft spot in my heart. Great job. I hope you'll enter this in the annual Pets on Quilts Show in August, hosted by Lilypad Quilting:

  2. Great job! I think you have captured the wonderful buoyancy of the yellow lab.

  3. Wow.......I think you slayed it! Love that background, perfect for those goofy labs. I wonder, though, was that slip of the tongue Freudian, perhaps?

  4. I love this project. Thank you for including progress pictures. Do you mind saying what fabric pastels you used? I don't have a Goal List for the year, but I am pretty sure that I am going to give a pet quilt a try. I did a lot of applique years ago when my daughter was little and always did turned under edge. I'm thinking I might combine that technique with a acid free glue stick for placing the fabric.
    xx, Carol