Friday, January 5, 2018

Birding journal

Like most of the country, we are in blizzard conditions today. Minus 30 wind chills.  Not fit for man nor beast. 
I find making a warm quilted project quite therapeutic. 

I was listening to Oprah ‘s super soul podcast the other day (which I highly recommend btw) and a woman said something that stuck with me.
“Simplicity and order creates Serenity 

I think this piece illustrates that. I’ve been trying to de clutter my house and life for the past couple years and it does bring me a sense of serenity not having so much stuff laying around. It keeps creeping back in because I am a pack rat by nature but am realizing that simple is better. 
Now if I can just incorporate that in my quilting life. I doubt that is gonna happen 😏

Have a good week - bundle up and stay warm,


  1. This journal cover is a perfect example of serenity. it's beautiful.
    xx, Carol

  2. Simple, yes, but also complex the more I contemplate the design. Some birds are "feathered" while others are not. The wing positions and direction of flight vary. Then there is the tree, with branches delineated. The background may read as orange, but it is a swirl of values and hues from golden yellow to deep red. Gorgeous.

  3. Beautiful. And nice warm colors for a cold day. Claire aka knitnkwilt