Friday, January 12, 2018

Beach idea book / flexible curve

Have you ever used a flexible curve?

I found mine in the back of a bin the other day. I forgot I even had it, which is why when I spotted a second one in another bin while cleaning yesterday I knew it was time to organize. I must have bought another one not being able to find the first. (You never do that, do you?) so I set about using it to see if I remembered how.
What ever it’s made out of it lets you bend it to a shape or curve and it stays there. It’s really good for piecing gentle rolling landscape curves. 
See the photo above- you lay it out to the curve you like then draw a line on the bottom with chalk or your marking device of choice.

Then you take your next fabric move the flexible curve to the top of your fabric and draw a line there like you did before. As long as you don’t change the curve you will have the same exact curve that you can now put right sides together and sew with a quarter inch seam. Remember these are gentle curves. You don’t want to be sewing any roller coaster curves.

Here it is - all  pieced with the flexible curve. A nice beachy landscape.

Good size for an idea journal cover.

And I had this in my stash for the inside flaps - perfect!

Do you have any long forgotten favorite tools that need to be brought to the surface?


  1. Somewhere in my stash I have one of those flexible curve ruler. I will have to hunt it down. Your piece is lovely.

  2. I love this piece. I want/need a flexible curve so I'm off to google it.

  3. I can almost feel the salt air brush across my face like i did as a kid on Cape cod!!!!i love your landscapes and that you turned these into journal covers.
    that is something i also do! each time you show anew strata fabric land/sea/skyscape, i think it is my favorite!

  4. I have always called that a French curve. Hmmmm.......I used to have one befor the flood. It was in a basket above the waterline. I wonder where it is now? I used it a lot actually. If you like a particular curve of something, form it to that curve and use it on your fabric! Like a dogs head....the backs are just long and straight! LOL

  5. I have one of those curve things. I'll have to give this a try. Thanks for sharing.