Friday, December 29, 2017

Leaves sketchbook cover

First my whine it is friggin cold here! Third day of temps that don’t go over zero even during the day. Oh, pardon me, yesterday it hit 2 degrees for an hour. I can deal except I can’t take the dogs out for our daily walk. My little dog can’t take the cold. 

Looks like I need a new kitchen window. That ice is on the inside😩
Ok, enough whining- on to the quilting

 Made another sketchbook cover. I’m selling these on Etsy which is why I’m making a few. Have only sold one but I’m making them cause they are fun and don’t take that long. This one is machine appliquéd leaves. These sketchbook covers are like making a new quilt that I can actually finish in a few days. 
 Here’s the back

Still on the leaf theme, this will be a wall hanging. Should come to life when I quilt in the veins.

 Then there is this. Scary, huh. This might take awhile . I guess I shouldn’t bitch about the cold since it’s making me stay inside. More time to quilt! 😉

Have a happy new year! Do you have a New Years goal? 
Past years I have picked a word “to live by” but then I forget about it after a month or so. It is kinda fun to think of a goal though. 


  1. Where on earth do you live? I can't imagine ice on the inside of my windows. That's scary! Here in South Carolina, if the temperatures got that cold and stayed that cold, we might all simply die! LOL! I haven't seen much talk on either of the two art quilt lists which I follow about the "word for the year" but I enjoyed these posts in the past. As I remember it, one year I selected the word "CHANGE" and set very specific goals. I scheduled a small solo show in a local, alternative gallery space for later in the year ... and that kept me focused and accountable. I haven't thought about a word for 2018 but will start mulling it over! Thanks for reminding me! Susan

  2. We've had similar temperatures in Appleton, WI. I took a picture of my studio window, just after I opened the blind. What a stunning image of ice with the light shining through.

    My word is OPEN.

    Love the leaves in every size and hue.

  3. Oh....those leaves are GORGEOUS !!!!!!!! I have done the word before, but I am like you. What has worked for me is choosing a “theme” for the year. 2015 was circles, 2016 was square. This year I think it will be more of an improv theme.

    I need to send you a link to some classes I am thinking about doing this year to stretch some creativity. Something completely different for me. I am still working out the idea. I even think the classes are free......but deep.