Friday, March 30, 2018

Angela style quilting

Angela Walters has her own style of quilting and every once in awhile it’s good to watch her videos to buff up on her techniques. She does a lot of swirls and echos and her quilting is beautifully done. She’s been having a quilt along this month so I’ve been getting her videos sent to my email but she has lots on you tube that you can go anytime to check out. I like to put her on my iPad sometimes and practice.

Yesterday I used this gorgeous pine cone fabric to make a small quilt for a journal cover and quilted it “Angela style”. 

The thread matches so you can’t see the front but here is the back. Not great but then because the thread hides the quilting you don’t notice. Good practice but I did learn that when the thread matches so well it’s hard to quilt since it’s hard to see what you’ve done and where you’ve been. That’s why my quilting isn’t very good. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it). What is that tan piece of fabric doing there you ask? There was a scrap under the quilt sandwhich when I was putting it together using the sew and flip method and it got sewn in. You’ve never done that have you. Luckily for a journal cover you don’t see the back, which is why I don’t even use a backing so I simply cut it off and left it. No problem.

Here is a really good video that shows just quilting and shows what a master Angela is at just making different designs flow into each other.



  1. Loved it. I never thought about combining so many patterns together. It looks great. Would love to see more.