Friday, March 9, 2018

Collaboration quilts

I joined a small online group that is doing a project. It goes like this. We each make a small art quilt depicting the word half in any way we wish. The person that started the group sent us all a package of fabric to use. We make our quilt but don’t finish it because we then send to another member who works on it some more, adding her own twist to the theme. Basically each quilt will be made by two people each with ideas and talents of their own adding to the final piece. It then gets sent back to the originator who gave us the fabric and she will mount and display somewhere.

This is what I came up with - my first thought was half moon although this looks more like a planet so I call it view from the planer cirbaf. Note the Star Trek words quilted on it. I’ll be very interested to see what my partner comes up with.

This is what I got this week from the person I’m doing the second half with. Her idea is that she is half her mother, half her father, who is half of their mother and father and so on. She stamped all those cool looking figures on , of course half of the piece. 

It definitely has a circular feel to it so paying homage to the circle of life, I quilted concentric circles. I then cut it into a circle and am doing the binding now. I did not use bias binding (pain in the ______ ) so I hope it will work by just clipping the corners. So far it seems fine. 

Next I plan to add something different to each figure since all those halves is what makes us all unique. That will be really fun. I’ll show you the finish next week.

I also spent a lot of last week putting my IKEA drawer set together. Not an easy task but worth it. 9 drawers for storing and organizing fabric and “stuff”.
 I love it!


  1. Your collaborative project sounds fascinating. Hope you will share more as you progress and also let us see how your own original comes back to you.

  2. What a great way to collaborate! I love your circle of life idea that fits so well. When I looked at your original, I thought it looked pretty complete but my mind wouldn't let it be and a tree might work--half light, half dark. Hope we get to see what your collaborator comes up with.

  3. oh, now that is so cool. why can't I find cool people like that?

  4. Sympathique ce projet à deux, je me réjouis de voir la suite.