Friday, July 20, 2018

Raven art quilt

I finished the raven this week. I like how he came out.
Been watching a lot of quilting arts tv lately. We don’t get in our area so I recently found out if you subscribe to the quilting company you can watch it online. Well worth the 8 bucks a month in my opinion.

That’s where this feather came from ( one of the episodes)

I also gave up on the 100 day project. Got sick of the leaf prints after 27 days and the other people in the group were fizzling out also so I suggested we change to a daily creative post. Do something creative every day be it sewing, drawing, inspirational thinking and post it every day. Only a couple of us are actually posting every day and most have dropped out of participation it I’m still doing it and have made a couple of “cyber quilting friends there”. There are still a couple people doing the 100 day project although not every day but that’s ok as long as people are creating stuff that’s important. 
Anyway it’s quilters daily creative post on Facebook - join us! 


  1. I could not imagine 100 days of leaves. But posting 100 days of being creative is more doable. With my love for crows, this quilt is to die for! It is beautiful.
    xx, Carol

  2. Thank you Carol! You should join the Facebook group

  3. Love the raven and the feather. I've often thought of doing a feather quilt.

  4. I am coming back. I got messed up with that medication.