Friday, September 27, 2013

Fabric addicts paradise

My name is Carol and I'm addicted to fabric.

I love shopping for it, looking at it and petting it. I love it so much that I take the time to cut it up in little pieces and sew it back together just so I can get more of a "fix".

So when a co workers friend asked if I wanted some she didn't want anymore of course I said yes.

Today I went to pick it up and was aghast, floored, shocked and in awe!

This filled up my trunk and my back seat - we are talking good quality cottons in yardage.

I am in fabric heaven :-) and she has more


I'm still futzing (is that a word?) around with this mountain warrior, doing a new one. Thought about a close up branch, but didn't like this. Someone on twitter said it looks like the poor girl is being hit by lightning ;-)


Someone else took the pic and drew this branch on and tweeted it back. I like this a lot better.

Twitter is great for bouncing ideas around.


I may just leave it alone and be done. Right now, it's going up on the design wall to ponder.


Right now I need to go for a walk, it's getting really pretty here in Vermont.

Quilt On!

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