Friday, October 11, 2013

Hole in a tree - mystery fabric


Mouse in a tree is done, just to sew the binding down. I lightened the background tree with a fabric crayon as they seemed to dark and chopped up some yarn fibers and quilted them down to look like leaves.

Since I'm eventually making this into a digital pattern for sale, it's small - 8.5 x 11

The next one will be enlarged to see how that works.


Here's another in the works - how can I go wrong with those to die for fabrics!


Speaking of fabric, the lovely Lauren gave me more fabric last week and there are some weird shiny polyester plasticky stuff that is interesting.

I need to experiment on it to see how it takes quilting, paint ect. I doubt paint will absorb at all.

What would you do with something like this? It's sort of mirror - like.


And last but not least I finished quilting this ski scene with a purple sky

This pattern is already made and for sale on craftsy already. I have a request by someone for it.


When I quilt raw edge appliqué on the sweet sixteen, the needle is shattering the edge of the fabric.

Some possible fixes?

See if they have a thinner needle but then I don't want to change needles every time I switch from raw to non.

I use pellon 805 because it has less glue giving a better feel but maybe more fusible glue would hold it .

Any thoughts or suggestions ?

Thank you for your help!

Quilt On!



  1. The tree with hole is a brilliant idea for a pattern. What fun to fill the hole with different creatures and change the season for a totally different look each time.

  2. I just love your landscape pieces.......your ability to translate nature to fabric is admirable!!!

  3. The mouse is just fabulous! seeing him in the tree with all the rich colors! and the skiing landscape just makes me happy. Great job!

  4. I love the owl. Suggestion for the fraying of the fabric: you could dab on a product called "Fray Check" to the edges of the fabric before you sew. Just do it on a sample of the fabric first to see if it stains it. I buy it at Joann's.

  5. Your creations are just beautiful... Amazing work. I would think trying a smaller needle all around would be worth a try. I use Microtex Sharps on my FMQ on a Janome. Of course it might also be related to the quality if the fabric and not the needle at all. I have only ever used fray check around the outside edges of appliqué backgrounds and very sparingly as it leaves a residue. ;(

  6. Lovely the tree with a hole quilts. But my favourite is the sky scene quilt. Gorgeous work!

  7. The mouse in the tree is fabulous! I really love seeing your work!