Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I do love to draw or sketch - I consider it yoga for the brain.
Artquiltmakers creative prompt was stow this week and here is my desk doodle

pardon the shadow where my hand and body was taking the photo - I thought the sky was a bit much

so grabbed my highlighter pens and it toned up the sky and down the swirlys.

I am really seriously considering doing the Life Book 2014
It isn't quilting or fabric but I think I would learn alot and have fun with it and the community of arty people I really think I would enjoy. It's $110 bucks but every week you get something - be it a video lesson or prompt or something. I do enjoy artquiltmaker's creative prompt - she does an awesome job of tirelessly researching the words and it is entirely free but not many people participate. I think it's because most of her followers are quilters and their creative juices flow elsewhere. 

I would love to hear from anyone who has done the life book or is thinking of doing it - 
the more the merrier!


  1. I love your desk doodle...I'm also a follower of Tam, I love her bubbly personality, I have been tempted to try many of her courses..maybe this is the one..it could be a Chrissy pres to myself.

  2. Here I am not eve home yet and I rushed straight to see you when I got my internet access back!

    I am interested in the life book as well. Let me see what I think my life will be like and see if I will have good enough time for it!

  3. Wait till you see the moose pattern frank bought me in boston!!!

  4. I love the swirly in the sky, maybe shades of violet instead of one color? The dog peeking out is wonderful! Is that your "Trademark" holes in stuff with other things in them? Have fun with that shiny plasticy stuff the colors are gorgeous.