Friday, October 18, 2013

Learn to fly

Been doing some experimenting

Remember last week I was trying to figure out what to do with this stuff?

Dragonfly wings!


Or a moon!

I've found that it takes a fusible well, just need to touch lightly with the iron before it melts.

It does not take paint but does quilt nicely.


Also from last week was the mauling and shredding of my raw edges using fusible.

This one is with the 805

This one with the heat and bond

Seems the heat and bond has less shredding, since it has more glue - that would make sense.

I also tried using a thin craft felt that was given to me that is Christmas green that I will never use as felt but thought I would try it as a batting on the little learn to fly piece. I'm thinking postcards - they say to use a heavy interfacing and I used a double layer of the craft felt instead. It seemed to work pretty well. Learn to fly is going to be a mug rug but will try a postcard next. I have a lifetime supply of this thin Christmas felt and this may be just the way to use it the best.

Just have the binding to do on this one and have a larger version on the sweet 16.

I can't decide what to call this pattern - hole in a tree is boring - hide-y hole? Tree house?

Any suggestions?

I am stumped - ha! Ha! (Bad pun, I know)

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  1. How about "Here's Looking At You"?

  2. How about, "whooo are you looking at?!"
    LeeAnna Paylor