Friday, February 7, 2014

Red barn finish

20" x 16"

The back door of the red round barn at Shelburne museum.


In the window I colored with pastels just small bit of grass and ground to make it look like a reflection of sorts.

I love how this came out. It's being mailed to its new home today :-)



Yesterday Abbey (the one in the foreground playing hard to get) went to visit her boyfriend Murphy and his sister Sadie.


My next project is going to be recreating a Matisse painting called The Dance. It's half done so will have lots to show you next week of that. Check out some of his paintings. They are perfect for interpreting into quilts because his work and figures are simple in design and faces not detailed. I don't know if it's legal to sell an art quilt made from one of his paintings, probablly not but I'll keep this one for myself anyway. Does anyone know the rules on that? I would assume even though it's before the time of copyrights that someone has copyrighted each painting? Glen of quilts and dogs made one of ....... Oops it's a secret until she unveils at her group meeting but it's cool.




  1. I love your red barn piece! Stunning!

  2. beautifully done!! I don't think it's quite kosher to sell something done from his work, but capturing a style and changing the content might be fine. It's acceptable to make it at any rate. I will love seeing it! I wish my group STAT was doing Matisse instead of Toulouse-Lautrec. The dogs are gorgeous!!
    LeeAnna Paylor

  3. Love your red barn! You've even captured the roundness of it.

  4. Yes the roundness was the first thing that interested me, I had not noticed that in your earlier post. Saving a historic building is wonderful. We have a historic octagon barn locally, I took pics a few years ago, and went back for more and it was gone, tears! They had tried for years to keep it upright, but it is still sad. The red is WOW! but the value is not overwhelming, with the rocks and grass. Well done!

  5. Beautiful red barn Carol! Is the brick wall a piece of fabric, ir did you paint it? I love the way it looks! Your doggie is a cutie, I love the look of collies.

  6. Really love the red you chose for the barn and I also really like the stitching around the windows.