Friday, December 26, 2014

WIP Boxing Day

I hope everyone had a happy Christmas and can continue that Christmas joy into the new year and beyond.

Mine was quiet just how I like it with a long walk with a friend and a prime rib dinner after.

(I was in bed sleeping by 8:00) woot! Woot! - the perfect day:-)


So today - Still working my Nepal quilt

This past week I worked on the hillside. It went from this


To this


Then this


And here is where I am now. I added single crochet yarn to the green grass areas and started sewing them down to the top of the green areas, then realized it looked better on the bottom :-/

Not sure if it's worth ripping out to have them all the same or not sure I even can. It's sewn on by machine very securely with backtracking etc. so probablly will leave it. What do you think? Should I channel my inner anal perfectionist tendencies that barely exist or just let the yarns lie where they may?

A quiet Moment between friends (this is a pic of one already made and sold)

It's going on the design wall for a few days to ponder over while I work on a quiet moment between friends that a friend requested. Perfect timing since I need to walk away from Nepal and go to the mountains with the dogs.


Have gotten this far and will play more today.

A fun quilt to make ;-)

Happy Sewing Boxing Day!

iF you are on twitter at all there are usually others tweeting quilty stuff and showing what they are doing on Boxing Day so check out




  1. I am amazed at how the depth of the Nepal piece comes out as the steps progress! It will be amazing when you are finished.

    I would not rip anything. I had to go back and study it to see what you were talking about. I did not immediately see the "incorrect" part, and even so, it still works beautifully.

    Congrats on the sale of your piece! If is fun! I need to do another of your pieces with the moon, so I can do that quilting! It is so intriguing. And it looks like a basset sitting with Abbey! Although I guess now it is Zu Zu Petal.

    You are so creative! I just love your work!

  2. Oh, I see what you mean! But it isn't noticable at all. The yarns are gorgeous btw! I looked at your progress photos, and noticed how the edges of the steos are a different color in a later stage. Did you paint them to be warmer? Anyway, it looks fantastic, I would not worry about them for a second!
    Your doggie quilt looks absolutely gorgeous and adorable at the same time!
    Your quiltz always amaze me, and your fabrics look really yummy! Do you dye them yourself? I think that's enough questions for now, today is MY sew day! :) catch you on twitter! :))

  3. leave it! It looks terrific and will be a b-tch to remove anyway. I like it lots. The whole thing is great. LeeAnna