Friday, February 26, 2016



Meet Humphrey, the model for my next art quilt. Isn't he the most handsome goat you have ever seen?

I'll show you what I've done so far.


Started out pulling every fabric I thought might work and threw in a pile. Humphrey is there overseeing the whole process. He wanted to make sure I didn't make him pink and lavender as he is a very macho,


I traced his main features to make a line drawing then blew it up 200%

When picking out fabrics I am laying each one where it would go so I know they play well with its neighbor.



Parchment paper goes over the drawing and Humphrey is being fused together.


Some aren't the right size, why I don't know since I traced from the drawing. No problem, that's the beauty of fusible. I just slap a scrap of the same color under to fit.


Those big ears are made separately


Basic Humphrey is put together,time to find a background. This one is to light. White blends in.


This is better and since Humphrey lives in Hawaii I think this works.

Humphrey's mom is on an online quilt group that I'm in and we are both doing one of her goats.

This is as far as I've gotten so far but will share more next week.

Maybe he will have eyes and a nose by then.




  1. OMG! Humphrey! I ADORE him! How do you increase by 200%? do you take it to office depot? always think I hate do to this type of work because it is too fiddly. But I really do love it, and when I get into it, I find I like it a lot.

  2. Humphrey is looking lovely ... er, do goats look "lovely"?

  3. Standing Ovation! Great post and explanation of your process. You make the process seem so do-able. What a picture anyway, attitude. Do you have a working title or is it Humphrey? I assume you lay a goddess sheet over the line drawing so you can fuse the pieces as you go.

  4. He looks great. I have also made several animals, birds using a similar method.

  5. Hawaiian Humphrey lives! This is very beautiful due to your pattern making and color choices!