Friday, March 4, 2016

Pet safe pincushions

If you have dogs or cats and sew, you know that person pincushions and pets do not mix. More than once I have had my dog get ahold of the "stuffed toy with all the things sticking out of it" and I have luckily noticed before a pin did any damage. It's my worse nightmare to think of any of my dogs swallowing needle.


So I upcycled a small peanut jar to make a little (sewing center).

See the pincushions at the top under the lid? I had to drill two holes in the jar lid to attach the pincushion which is made easily by cutting a circle, gathering a running stitch and filling with fiberfill. After the pincushion is tied onto the lid, cover the lid with ribbon or paint or whatever.

I made another another one out of a prescription pill bottle. It's tiny but just big enough for a needle and a few wonder clips that I use when doing hand sewn binding.
How do you keep the dangerous tools of the trade from your animals?





  1. As we all know, I leave mine out. McGee is trying to off himself and I feel obligated to help! LOL.

    I need to go dig that peanut butter jar out of the garbage. Luckily, Frank ignored my request to take the can out last night......see how that works out sometimes. Passive Aggressive does work sometimes!

  2. was two nights ago. And the garbage man came. I do have a new big jar of PB. I wonder how many sandwiches I need to make to finish it off.....

  3. Very clever. Luckily, my cat isn't that curious about the cushion. I had another cat that used to be a bit more of the explorer so I was just careful and put it away. Lucy, our current "kitten" (she's 13) is not curious in the least about my pins, rotary cutter, or well anything quilting related except my quilts, should I leave one out.