Friday, March 18, 2016

Birds nest fiber art

Remember the birds nest I started over a month ago ?

I ended up sewing all the different stuff on by hand. (and there is lots of stuff!)

The green grass/leaves are sewed right sides together with the end open, then turned right side out.

Next floral wire is folded in half and shoved up the opening. Then I sewed the end to the bottom. The wire enables the leaves to bend and stay there sort of like wired ribbon.

There are lots of different bunched up yarns, some burlap, strings and some intertwined dried vines and sticks all sewn down to a black felt back. After all is complete I made a brown grass printed quilt just a tad larger to attach the nest to so it can be hung. I used my usual triangle method so dowels can be placed both top and bottom.


The eggs are done by taking three layers of batting over a layer of heavy interfacing, then cutting the fabric a good inch bigger all around.


Doing a running stitch all around, then gathering it around the egg and securing with thread.




Speaking of birds nests, are you watching the dceaglecam?


One of the eggs hatched Wednesday and the other will be hopefully any day now.


  1. A-May-Zing! These are the kinds of things I have in my head and can never get to reality. You have that ability to get it to reality.

    Your bird's nest is so wonderful.

  2. Fascinating, Carol. You have captured a style of nest I see built this time of year - a string here, twig there and something soft and cushy for the eggs to recline on - but with your artist's eye.

  3. That is utterly wonderful! What a treasure!
    Now you need a little stuffed, removable bird!? Or not!