Friday, March 11, 2016

Hawaii Humphrey

This is Humphrey who lives in Hawaii.

This is Humphrey who lives at my house in Vermont.

If you would like Humphrey to live with you, he is for sale in my etsy shop here.

My post a couple weeks ago showed a lot of the making of him. After that the fence was added and the all important dot of white in the eye. Inktense pencils were used for shading on the nose and mouth.



Here is the back - I did a lot of quilting.

Humphrey is such a handsome boy - I love him.


The ice is finally gone from the trails so was able to go to my favorite hiking spot today.
The lake had this wonderful fog and you could see some chunks of ice floating about.
Just beautiful.





  1. so well done I am sending a link to my sewing group...

  2. Oh i don't know where my post went to..poof, gone.

    I said: You need to enter this is something. I don't know what, but it would certainly win! It might be your best piece ever.

    And the lake is so beautiful. You are lucky to live there.

  3. Luv the Quilting! I see sunflowers. Great choice for Humphrey's pen. It's just magical how you made the nose look so real.