Friday, January 6, 2017

If it's not fun,what's the point?

If it's not fun what's the point?

Regarding my creative/quilting life this will be my motto in 2017 and I wanted to make a sign to remind me to only make things that I enjoy and have fun with

I'm sorry the lighting in the place this hangs is horrible but you get the idea.

It's a huge needle! How fun is that!

The quilted words didn't show up very well so I highlighted with a yellow marker.
Made it look gold (as in the golden rule, don't cha know)


I drew out the needle on a big sheet of freezer paper and then ironed it ( using parchment paper as a pressing shield) to some weird shiny silver polyester fabric that someone gave me. Did they not know that quilters only use cotton? Well, not this quilter. Guess that's why I got it :-)

There is 3 needles here since I figured I might screw up at least one. (Which is good since I spelled point wrong on the first one) I then sewed around the edges of the pattern after layering with batting and more weird siver stuff on the back. Next I did the words with free motion. I did the FMQ before cutting out the needle so I would have something to hold on to.



Then the needle was cut out and I sewed all the way around again with a short close together zig zag.

I must say this metallic silver stuff is horrible to work with. It frays very easily. I had to give it a haircut after and it still kept fraying. But it does look needle like.

The last thing was to add weight to the bottom other wise it would not lay on the wall flat. Took a small magnet, made a bag and then hand sewed to the back. Lastly sewed a small metal loop on the back to hang right next to my sewing machine.

Do you have a word or phrase to try and live by in 2017?



  1. This is EXACTLY my thought when I took an on line traditional quilting class as I was cutting small pieces and sewing them into blocks then trying to match the blocks so the finished piece wasn't all wonky. I LIKE wonky..we'll see where I go.

    Love your motto and your SIGN!!
    xx, CArol

  2. Absolutely agree! Art, and any thing else we do, should be fun. Otherwise, there is no point.

  3. Your needle is great and the saying on it. I had a friend, now departed, who would get so frustrated with quilting and I always told her not to do it if she wan't enjoying it. I sew and quilt because I love it.