Friday, January 20, 2017

A fresh snow blog hop

On Monday 1/23 I will be participating in a blog hop hosted by seams to be sewn. We are free to do whatever we want as long as one of the fabrics is not cotton. I decided to use some sheer like polyester and some velvety like scraps.

I am still working on my project so will just give you a sneak peek today.

The velvety scraps


Sheer poly strips after being melted / burned - gives a texture like tree bark.


If I want to finish by Monday I will need an extra hand so I made two - lol!

Stop by on Monday to see the finish and a more detailed explanation.

The blog hop starts today ( Friday the 20th) then commences again on Monday.

Go here for a list of the blogs today. She also had a giveaway for a wool block kit and a free pattern for the cutest groundhog applique block.

Or Click the button on the right sidebar to get links to the participants. I am looking forward to seeing what others are doing. Remember to stop back in on Monday!

There will be another wooly block kit giveaway then as well.



  1. Oh you are going to come up with something wonderful...I know it!
    xx, Carol