Friday, January 13, 2017

Snow goose


Snow Goose


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Snow geese visit Vermont in the late fall on their way south. If you have ever seen and heard a flock lifting off, you will never forget it. The word cacophony and awe inspiring comes to mind.

Here is a link to the sounds on a video but is one of those things you really have to be there.

I won't take you through the whole process of making the goose but I just want to point out how much any portrait comes alive with just adding a dab of white paint to the eye.


Such a difference!



  1. Beautiful piece! I've got to start playing more with FMQ.

  2. That white dab gives the eye dimensionality. It went from flat to 3D; lifeless to vibrant. Thank you for making "the point".

  3. OMG Carol this is gorgeous! Great colors, everything perfect!

  4. Good Gosh Great Goose!!! And thanks for the white dot tip!